August 19, 2018

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by Hannah V. Obal


For the ultimate experience, one can never go wrong with Nissan’s firepower of a van, the Nissan Urvan.


A sleek yet formidable automotive, this eye-catching vehicle looks even better on the roads and delivers expectations.


The Urvan comes in two models–the NV350 Urvan which has the passenger or the cargo type, and the Urvan Premium.


The exterior on the Urvan boasts of sturdy construction and face. It has a clean and modern look that makes it perfect for leisure, recreation or for a more daunting and tasking job. Its elegance is key to understanding why it is a trustworthy vehicle.


Easing into the seat upfront, the Urvan is designed with the worker in mind. Space and roominess are evident in every comfortable movement made in the Urvan’s cabin. A plus would probably be having the choice to go for the 15-seater or the 18-seater. Either one, it’s pretty impressive.


Comfort is evident in the Urvan, too, with 12 individual rear aircon vents at the ready. Sweaty rides in cramped vans? Not in an Urvan.


But with the exterior and interior being, well, excellent, what exactly can we say about the performance?


The Urvan runs on a YD25DDTi turbo diesel engine with intercooler. This offers nothing but a class-leading torque output which paves a way for superior acceleration. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle is pretty good for a van, and with its reduced CO2 emissions, low noise and vibration, the Urvan is impressively environmentally friendly.


All in all, the Urvan is a force to be reckoned with and is definitely something to check out for those who want a vehicle that can be used both personally and professionally. The Urvan will not disappoint.

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