August 19, 2018

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by Hannah V. Obal


Small cars, big cars. The size of vehicle has always been an issue, with a lot of people arguing about which car size truly is better when it comes to driving.


Small cars are great for city driving but if you want to do so much more, then we recommend checking out the big cars.


Here are some reasons you should read up on on why we think investing in a van/SUV is worth it in the long run!


It’s great to take on road trips
Yes, you read that right. Vans/SUVs are excellent vehicles to take on road trips, especially here in the metro with our long winding roads that take us through scenic spots. It’s good enough to take on the occasional rough roads, while breezing through the paved highway with ease.


It’s a family and barkada vehicle
Due to it’s sheer size both on the inside and outside, it is just a great car for big families as well as those who like to ferry their barkada around to places. The spacious interior with comfortable seating allows a good number of people to take a seat without sacrificing comfort or aesthetic.


A force to be reckoned with on the street
These cars have a reputation for being a family car, but despite that, it is still a force to be reckoned with. Performance wise, vans are definitely in the running for being mean machines that can carry their own on the street, with engines and specs that are pretty much great things to take into consideration.


Functionality wins
We go back to functionality, with spacious interiors being the winning point. Not only can it ferry a lot of people around, but with adjustable seats, it is also great for transporting things. With just a few adjustments, and one can take their mountain bikes with them on their next trip while still having people sit inside!


Durable and reliable
But durability and reliability is also a winner when it comes to vans/SUVs. Built to be tough inside and out, these vehicles have been known to last for years as long as it is paired with proper maintenance and given proper care.
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