August 19, 2018

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by Hannah V. Obal


When it comes to looking for a good and reliable vehicle tracker, there is no need to look further than Tramigo and its tracking devices. With their recent opening in Cebu, Cebuanos now have the chance to have only the best of the best when it comes to their cars and their need for safety features.

Here are a few reasons why Tramigo’s GPS tracking devices for vehicles are a great investment.


Efficiency can be had with the help of GPS tracking, which makes Tramigo tracking devices a solid choice for businesses and their corporate vehicles. These can improve the company’s efficiency on the road, and do wonders on the profits of a company now that it knows exactly where its vehicles are. This will also help plan out routes and save time while managing to utilize and save on petrol; a big plus for everyone.


The Tramigo tracking device isn’t only great for business though. It also makes a great tracking device for personal cars. Its features allows one peace of mind with it ultimately becoming a safety feature when it needs to be. Also great when one forgets where exactly he parked his car.


Tramigo offers clients nothing but quality tracking devices at good prices. Their tracking devices are one of the best in the market, combining GPS, GSM and TLD landmark data to give users tracking and location information, allowing traceability.


Tramigo doesn’t waste one’s time by making one set up an account on a website. They don’t find it productive if one has to connect to a site to track the vehicle. Instead, Tramigo gives one a full mobile software to get updates straight to one’s phone, even without access to the internet. How does it work? They use satellite signals to figure out the accurate position of the vehicle which is then correlated with TLD landmark data, then sent as a message to a mobile device through GSM networks. No internet connection needed, saving one a ton of money.

Tramigo Office Cebu is located on 36 Arch Bishop Reyes Ave. Cor Molave St, Cebu City. One may also visit their website at


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