August 19, 2018

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by Hannah V. Obal


When times get rough, all one needs to brave the storm is a will made of steel, and a heart made of gold. For operations manager of Isuzu Cebu Branch Ritche Descallar, a will of steel and a heart of gold is exactly the reason why he is a man made for success.

Ritche has been with Isuzu Cebu Inc. for a thriving 15 years, the journey and road to success is not always a promised smooth ride.

A registered Occupational Therapist, Ritche began his career in the automotive industry in March 2001 as a sales executive. He worked hard to make sure he was good at it.

“During my time as a sales executive, I always made sure that I consistently hit my targets which resulted in winning individual awards.” Ritche explained in an interview.

By 2006, he was offered the position of supervisor for the company and he accepted with no hesitation as the position gave him the opportunity to help other sales executives to succeed and improve in their performance.

“I really loved the job because I believe that the success of the company depends on the team’s achievement and not in individual effort only.”

It then came as no surprise that in 2013, Ritche was promoted to sales manager before bagging his current position last year.

Ritche’s motivitation to give only the best effort he can stems from his family, he says, who has been a great source of inspiration and motiviation, and of course, the people behind Isuzu Cebu Inc.

“My sales team from all the branches that brought me where I am now, they gave me the reason to work hard. And I always think that we are not only employees of the company but they are also my extended family.”

With such a positive outlook, Ritche looks to make 2017 a great year for himself and the company.

“Isuzu Cebu will be bullish,” he promised, as the company is expecting 24 percent increase in sales, confident that they will be able to hit their target at the end of the year.


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